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What are reborn dolls?

A reborn doll is a hand-made artwork created from a manufactured doll or kit that has been transformed by an artist to resemble a realistic human baby. Reborn dolls are also known as newborn dolls or reborn baby dolls. These dolls became so popular because they can provide emotional solace to some couples. They can even free the couple from the pain of losing their children.

What are these dolls made of?

Reborn dolls are made of soft vinyl, silicone or a mix of both, and are assembled, painted, weighted and detailed to have the appearance of real babies. There are usually two kinds of dolls out there in the market namely Vinyl dolls and Silicon dolls. Learn more: Vinyl vs Silicone, which one is better?

Why You Should Get a Reborn Baby?

Reborn dolls can help with infertile couples

Infertility is hard to talk about especially with a person who has faced fertility problems. Couples who are unable to conceive are paying thousands of dollars on handmade lifelike reborn dolls. Reborn dolls enable infertile couples to be their parents and treat them just like their own children by changing their dressing i-e putting them up with new clothes and giving them a bath, taking them out in a pram for a trip and resting them down in a cot while they are asleep.

Reborn dolls can help with loneliness and anxiety

Loneliness exists in any corner of the human world. In fact, American loneliness has doubled since 1980, they are more likely to commit suicide due to long-term lack of companionship. Thank goodness, humans invented the reborn doll to free them from depression, anxiety and loneliness even during the COVID-19. Reborn babies can quite literally be the best therapy for people. The calming effect that the babies can have should not be overlooked. When you suffer with Loneliness and anxiety, everything can see like an effort.

20 Vinyl Newborn Reborn Doll April With Bathrobe Bebe Birthday Gift for Kid 3

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two kinds of baby dolls, The prices of these two dolls are very different. A silicone baby usually cost more than 120 USD. And a vinyl doll usually cost around $100.

Our reborn dolls are made of high quality GentleTouch™ vinyl, silicone or a mix of both, and are assembled, painted, weighted and detailed to have the appearance of real babies. The look of a reborn properly made is astonishing.

Reborn vinyl dolls can’t take a bath, if you want to bathe them, we recommend you choose from our silicone baby doll collection.

We will process your order within 2 business days, and it will take 7-15 days to ship them, please be patient while waiting.

For the used reborn dolls, we suggest you give it away to those who need it, or sell it to other reborn doll collectors at a low price. Please do not throw them into the trash, because they are very real and will be mistaken for real babies.

What Our Clients Say

“The doll is so realistic. The painting is also excellent. I’m very pleased! You guys rock! More orders coming your way.”

Kristy Brooks

Way better quality than expected! This is  a birthday gift for my daughter, she like her little brother very much. Highly recommend!

Jason Mark

I got my baby doll Amber today, he is so realistic and cute. I have to say, Kiss Reborn is really a good place to purchase a reborn baby doll.

Barbara Simonds

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