Are Realistic Reborn Dolls Creepy?

This is the most common question about reborn dolls (Most especially to those who don’t own any of it.)

Reborn dolls, as mentioned previously, are life-like dolls that are growing to be very popular around the world today.

Although they may cost you a couple of bucks (or even a thousand dollars), some avid collectors and lovers of this work of art just can’t get enough.

But, are reborn dolls really creepy?

reborn doll

While the answer could really depend on a person’s point of view, the general answer to this is no, they are not,

But who does really think these dolls are creepy?

Finding Reborn dolls Creepy

Well, you must admit, the only people who think reborn dolls are creepy are those who are not lovers of the art. (Well, most at least.)

As per Pamela Garcy, a Dallas-area therapist mentioned that those people who usually think reborn dolls are creepy are those who think this behavior is not normative.

Which means, quite obnoxious and out of the ordinary,

She also added that dolls creep people out because of the idea of the uncanny valley.

This is referred to as a phenomenon where people get to encounter objects that are not quite human, which imposes fear.

She also added that as people expect for dolls to be dolls, and babies to be babies, the repulsion comes in when dolls are treated like babies.

Which makes it creepy and quite eerie for some.

A spark of therapy for most

Although reborn dolls may seem creepy for some, this gives a spark of therapy, hope, and happiness for those who love it!

Carl Pickhardt, a specialist in adolescent psychology, mentioned that the emotional strength between a human and a reborn baby brings warmth and love, which is a soothing feeling, especially for those who are distressed.

Sabrina, a known Reborn Youtuber whose channel is filled with videos with her reborn doll Jaylah, is one of the ten thousand collectors of reborn babies whose life has changed ever since getting one of her own.

In her YouTube channel, she even shows videos of spending time with her reborn baby Jaylah and gives snippets of changing her, bathing her, and also putting her to sleep.

And take note, she gets millions of views with these videos!

Sabrina is just one of the many who see owning reborn dolls as a relaxing and enjoyable hobby, especially since it helps her whenever she is upset.

Reborn dolls: not creepy at all

In conclusion, although receiving a lot of hate, reborn dolls could actually do good, especially for people who need it the most!

People such as those who are overcoming grief, anxiety, or even going through depression.

Even medical experts find nothing wrong about it. For as long as these reborn doll owners know the difference between what’s real and what’s not.

Remember Sabrina?

On her YouTube channel, she always puts a disclaimer saying, “I know the dolls aren’t real.” which still gives a comforting factor to people knowing reborn doll owners are not bound to lose their minds.How about you, would you like to get your own reborn doll as a form of therapy? Or do you just find this as an insane hobby?

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