18″ Blonde Charming NPK Reborn Toddler Girl Polly

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Reborn Dolls are extremely essential items for heaps of individuals. The individuals who have involvement in these items realize how extraordinary they can be. This little princess Polly is a reborn girl doll you’ll instantly come to care for. It is 18 inches in length or 46 cm which fashions it seamless for cuddling in arms. Bear in mind that toys are extremely touchy and you have to take absolute supervision of them. Click here for more info!


Material: Plastic

Take a shower: No

Height: 45 cm

Gross Weight: 1.2 kg

Eyes: High-grade acrylic eyes, can not blink

Clothes: tailored according to the size of the doll. If clothes as in the  pictures are out of stock, we will provide baby with a similar style

Package: A doll with clothes + a magnet pacifier + a feeding bottle + a birth certificate+toy

Weight 1.5 kg
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