Alien Melinda: Sleeping Newborn Alien Reborn Doll with Tentacles


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The flawlessness sensible, as well as the attractiveness of 22” Alien Reborn Doll Melinda, brought through hand-making, striking outward appearance, huggable body, portable arms, and legs. You will sense a real alien baby on your hand when you cuddle this reborn doll.

Alien Melinda is weighted and weighs just 2.60 pounds. The body, head along with limbs of the reborn doll are made of top-notch vinyl, not very delicate and still squeezable. The head and limbs are completely swingable and can shift freely. The doll can be placed into the water. It’s a fantastic souvenir for celebration, birthday, and X-mas. Click here to purchase now!

Weight 3 kg
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