Zack: White Eyebrows Big Eyes Alien Reborn Baby Doll

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This 22” Alien Zack true-to-life baby doll is the top dollar out there. You will be stunned at how authentic Zack looks. Each and every wrinkle has been blushed as well as concealed, and she has unpretentious veining on her limbs that make her appear awfully unbelievably realistic.

You will adore how Zack feels when you are hugging it; you will believe that there is a factual baby alien in your arms. The reborn doll will accompany outfits. It will be a mate of your child and the one of your nearest and dearest. Envisioned for reborn doll hoarders age 14 plus and wish you enjoy this.



  • Artist: Kathy Smith
  • Size: 22″ Head to Toe
  • Material: GentleTouch™ vinyl
  • Doll Weight: 2.60 pounds (1.18 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 4.30 pounds (1.95 kg)
  • Weighted Cloth Body for a “Real Baby” Feel
  • 3/4 Vinyl Arms and Full Vinyl Legs; Cloth body
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • Hand Painted Hair for a real newborn look
  • Hand set eyes, hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes
  • Intended for Reborn Doll Collectors age 14+
Weight 3 kg
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