Alisha: Big Hazel Eyes Charming Reborn Baby Doll Girl

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Alisha is truly a blessing.

The Alisha Reborn Doll measures Approx 22 inches (0.56 m) from head to toe, and weights 4.30 pounds (1.95 kg) approximately. The baby has grown a soft vinyl body. The body and charming face will make you feel like you’re holding a real baby. And you just won’t want to place her down. She is a girl and anatomically accurate.

The Truly Girl Baby Doll was sculpted so realistically in baby soft vinyl to look and feel extremely real to cuddle as your own authentic baby. She has beautiful hand-painted details and flower sticks in hand-applied eyelashes and hand-rooted mohair. The warm and humid lips resemble natural and soft that you cannot help but want to touch.

Information about Alisha:

  • Artist: Candace Gonzalez
  • Size: 20″ Head to Toe
  • Material: GentleTouch™ vinyl
  • Doll Weight: 2.60 pounds (1.18 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 4.30 pounds (1.95 kg)
  • Weighted Cloth Body for a “Real Baby” Feel
  • 3/4 Vinyl Arms and Full Vinyl Legs; Cloth body
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • Hand Painted Hair for a real newborn look
  • Hand set eyes, hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes
  • Intended for Reborn Doll Collectors age 14+

 Baby will come home to you with the following:

  • A pink compact baby’s bottle
  • A pink magnetic pacifier
  • A birth card
  • A hairband
  • A set of clothes. The doll’s clothes in the picture are only used for shooting, the clothes are not in stock, so the doll’s clothes will be sent at random.
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