Camila: 20" Real Human Baby Full Body Silicone Doll Girl

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Camilla is one of the full-body Silicone Reborn dolls in our collection. She is master handcrafted by Kathy Smith to perfection and is only 20” in size.

Being a perfect doll art embodying hand-painted features, Camilla pretty much looks like a real human baby. You can’t stop yourself from marveling at how she sleeps, with her delicate head and body.

As she is breathtakingly realistic, you could love her the same way you love a real baby. Now, it seems like you can genuinely have a real baby girl for yourself.


Material: Full Body Silicone

Take a shower: Yes

Height: 20 Inches

Net Weight: 2.1 pounds (0.95 kg)

Shipping Weight: 2.3 pounds (1.04 kg)

Eyes: None (sleeping)

Limbs: Doll’s limbs can activity, can sit and lie

Clothes: tailored according to the size of the doll. If clothes as in the  pictures are out of stock, we will provide baby with a similar style.

Weight 1.1 kg

Package include


A Reborn Baby

pf 0d44d6bd baby clothes

Baby Clothes

pf bd11e255 certificate


pf d6bd11e2 pacifier


How do we make your reborn dolls?

hand painted hair

hand painted hair

manual hair transplant

manual hair transplant

eyelash implantation

eyelash implantation

details of painted lines

details of painted lines

assembling dressing

assembling & dressing

packing in bags

packing in bags

Why choose us

100% Hand-made

Every Doll was hand-made by our artists. All our artists have 20 years of work experience, they make the dolls reborn and named each doll.  They are happy to see their reborn babies are welcomed by the world.           

High Quality And Soft Material

All reborn dolls are made of high quality silicone or GentleTouch™ vinyl, which makes their skin feel like real baby skin. In addition, they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

Real baby size

All reborn dolls are made according to life-size of real babies. That measures Approx 10 to 22 Inches and one to three pounds with rooted mohair. All these would make you feel like hug with a real baby, also the baby dolls fit with real baby clothes, you can dress her on your style.

Realistic & Wallet-friendly

The price of vinyl dolls are from $99, silicone babies are from $189. You’ll get your reborn babies just like the pictures.

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