Monique: 22″ Little Princess Realistic Toddler Girl Doll


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Monique is a reborn toddler girl doll handcrafted by Candace Gonzales. Monique’s eyes are so daunting, it seems like she knows exactly just what is in your soul. She is made out of GentleTouch™ Vinyl and is 22” big.

Her pretty dress speaks that even as a little girl, she is quite at ease with fashion. How she would love to hold you tight and press against your face every night to finally feel what a true love for a mom feels like!


Material: GentleTouch™ Vinyl

Height: 22″ from head to toe

Eyes: High-grade acrylic eyes, can not blink

Clothes: tailored according to the size of the doll. If clothes as in the  pictures are out of stock, we will provide baby with a similar style

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