About us

Who we are?

People are becoming lonely and anxious, and even some couples have been suffering from infertility. We know it ’s time to do something about this. One day, our CEO Anthony found one kind of toy doll, it’s so realistic that you won’t know it’s just a fake baby. It’s so amazing that children like to play with them, and couples regard them as an alternate baby. In 2009, Anthony met some new friends: Lizzie Terry, Randall Wilkerson and other excellent reborn artists. All of us have one thing in common, that is, every reborn baby has a soul, they can improve some mental diseases and autism, and even become a substitute for real babies. They will be fostered to thousands of families and become a member of these families. After that, Kiss Reborn was born, raised and made with love by Anthony and his artist friends in 2010. 

What we do?

We provide one of the largest ranges of reborn dolls around the world including vinyl doll, silicone babies, mini baby dolls and other classic series. We pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and high quality approved, so you’ll find everything you need to get your desired baby dolls.

What do we care about most?

Quality, Service, and Customer Experience. Every buyer is a member of Kiss Reborn family. We will make you feel at home every time you adopt a reborn baby.

Why choose us?

Quality always matters, and our reborn dolls are superior in quality. These reborn dolls are so unique and a masterpiece of artwork. Our artists do a lot of hard work to make it like a real baby. We deal in the largest ranges of reborn dolls, including realistic dolls, silicone baby, toddler dolls, twin dolls, mini dolls, reborn girl, reborn boy, and black dolls. We also have a collection of monster and animal dolls if you like animals then you can easily buy it from us. Don’t worry about the price we give it at a low cost. Just buy it and make your life full of joy.

Key benefits

The dolls we create have many benefits like:

  • realistic
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Accessories(bottle, magnetic pacifier, birth card, hairband, set of clothes)

Our mission 

Our mission is to make you happy and satisfy with our products. Every buyer is a member of kiss reborn family, and you always get excellent user experience with our product quality and services.

Contact us

Please email us at service@kissreborn.com if you have any questions.

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