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Are you planning to have your very first reborn doll?

Or, you could also be looking for a new toy for your child to spend some time with.

If you are, you wouldn’t want to buy something you didn’t know much about, do you?

Today, we’re going to share with you a lot about reborn dolls, and even the step-by-step process of buying one here at

Ready? Let’s get started.

What are reborn dolls?

Before getting yourself your own reborn doll, you must first know what reborn dolls are, right?

Reborn dolls are basically dolls that have been transformed by artists called reborners to make a baby resemble a human infant. The skill they require is so intense that they need to make each doll as realistic as possible, which makes them cost you several hundred bucks!

These reborn dolls are produced from vinyl dolls that are further enhanced and improved by reborners through its realistic highlights. With the base doll, a reborner would search dolls that already have the human features that they want, mostly found in online galleries.

These dolls then undergo a series of intense transformations to really look like a real human baby!

These babies are so realistic that they can feed themselves through bottles and even have amazing customized systems with how they can move!

Reborn dolls can come in different shapes and sizes, some from tiny to normal-sized dolls. Once a doll is finished, it could have the size extended to a real little kid.

Reborn dolls are growing their identity in the doll-production network. With this reality, there has been a rise in the growth of doll creators on online networks sharing the same love for reborn dolls.

What are reborn dolls for?

Reborn dolls are known to exist because of specific reasons.

For those that are unfamiliar, let me share it with you.

To overcome grief:

Some people get their very own reborn dolls to overcome pain over a lost child because of misconception or still-birth. So to speak, having reborn dolls becomes therapy for them. Speaking of grief, this could also be a coping mechanism to infertile couples who can never conceive a child.

Psychologists have concluded that the relationship between a grieving individual and a reborn doll can be valuable because they get the satisfaction of having a baby. 

This now becomes a way to escape grief and the harsh realities of life.

For the remembrance of a mature kid: 

Some get reborn dolls to have a grown child’s portrait doll. Perhaps, this could be a doll to represent their child, who is much older in the present.

For entertainment:

Some get their own reborn dolls just, so they could have a doll to play with as if it were an infant. Or, this could also be a part of their collection.

For therapy: 

Reborn babies can also be used for therapeutic purposes for autistic children or even Alzheimer’s patients. This is a prevalent item used at nursing homes in the USA and UK since it helps prevent dementia and even depression. The world of medicine has acknowledged how these dolls can trigger positive memories, prevent agitation, and even anxiety.

To cope with loneliness: 

Reborn dolls can also help people cope with their anxiety and depression because of the loneliness they feel, bringing a much more positive outlook in their lives.

Although some people outside the network of reborn doll enthusiasts will not be able to comprehend the love for these dolls or consider it taboo, reborn dolls indeed have caused many positive outcomes for those who are avid fans of them.

People who purchase reborn babies automatically get the feeling of fostering and the need to be protective, which is the reason behind the intense attraction to reborns.

Now that you know what reborn dolls are, we’ll teach you how to order your very own here at our website!

Ordering reborn dolls at

Visit our website and check out our choices.

Here at, we offer you all categories of reborn dolls for you to choose from. These are the categories we have:

We also presented a menu that categorizes our dolls according to your liking for a more easy and efficient buying process. Just click on category, and you will be able to see the following:

We also show you our featured collection, new arrivals, and even our monster and animal reborn dolls!

Choose your doll

Once you’re done checking out all our categories, it is now high time to choose your own reborn doll!

Here at, we present vast choices where you can take your perfect pick according to your preference. Once you’ve chosen, you can click on it and be directed to a new page.

Once you click on the doll of your choice and is finally led to another landing page, you will see the specific details of the doll, such as the name of the particular reborn doll, available stocks, and even the price. 

After which, make sure to indicate the number of pieces you want for this doll and add to your cart.

Once you’ve added your item to the cart, it will show a pop-up stating if you want to continue shopping or to proceed to check-out. You may do whichever you prefer and still follow the same process.

Make sure to review the details of your chosen doll.

Here at, we make sure to not only provide you the best choices for your reborn dolls, but we also offer you additional information to make sure you are given a seamless experience when it comes to getting your item.

Once you have chosen a doll, we provide information such as product details, shipping, and return terms and conditions, and even product reviews.

For the product details, we provide the name of the item, so as the artist who made this work of art. We also indicate here the specific special features of the doll you are planning to buy. Aside from the name of the artist, we provide the size, the material, weight, details for the limbs (arms and legs), eye color, age the item is intended for, and even the creation process of the hair and eyes. (For example hand-painted hair for a real newborn look.)

We also indicate details for the returns and shipping policies.

For the return policy, you may return unopened items within 30 days of delivery and get a full refund, including the refund of the shipping cost, especially when an error is the result of our team’s actions.

For further communication, you may email us at for the return and refund process.

Add to Cart

After you’ve selected the dolls you like, just add them to cart. If you only need single reborn doll, just click “VIEW OR EDIT YOUR CART”. If you want more dolls, you can continue shopping after you clicked on the button “CONTINUE SHOPPING”.

add to cartView your cart

Once you’ve decided that you already finished shopping, you may proceed to the check-out area where you can view and edit your cart before you can finally make your final transaction.

view my cart

You will be able to view your cart, the number of pieces, and the description of the reborn dolls you plan to buy. Also, you will be able to see your subtotal.

Once everything is okay, make sure you indicate the additional comments or instructions you want for the reborn doll. A space for this is provided for you.

Check Out

Make sure you don’t miss out on indicating the shipping details for your reborn dolls. We will be asking for the country, state, and postal code of your location. Then, click Proceed to check out.

Once you click on check-out, you will be led to a new page asking for your complete information (name, contact details, address)which will be used for your shipping process.

Fulfil your contact information

check out

You need to fulfil your contact information, so we can ship your doll accurately, please leave both your phone number and email address, so the Logistics company can contact you when delivery. Our site uses SSL to encrypt transactions, your personal information will not be stolen. For more information, please check our privacy policy.


You can apply your coupon code at check out page. Our shop will automatically reduce the order amount for you.

After which, click continue to shipping and indicate necessary information so you can finally make your transaction for the payment.

It’s a very easy process, right? Now, go ahead and get your own reborn doll today!

Shipping information

We will ship your packages via DHL, USPS and 4px. It will take about 7-15 days. You can track your order here:

Learn more, please check our shipping policy.

Payment only accept PayPal payment now, after payment completed, you will receive an email for successfully placed your order. Your orders will be processed in 2 business days.

Customer service

We have topnotch customer service in the industry and provide 30 days money back guarantee.

1 year quality guarantee. For more information, please email us at

It’s a very easy process, right? Now, go ahead and get your own reborn doll today!

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