1. Why I can’t find the baby doll I need?

Please open the search box and enter the keyword of your baby doll, you may not need to put entire name of baby doll. If you still can’t find it, please contact our customer: service@kissreborn.com.

2. Why are your dolls so cheap?

Your dolls are hand-made by our reborn artists, you will order from our artist directly, so there are zero extra fee for your reborn dolls.

3. What’s your payment methods?

You can use PayPal or credit card for fast payment.

4. What should I do after I paid for my order?

We will process your order in two business days, we will send you email for update, please log in to check your order status.

5. What’s the delivery time?

We will ship your package in 2 days, and please wait for 7 to 15 days for delivery.

6. Can I change my shipping information?

Sure, you can change it before it’s shipped out.

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