Vinyl Dolls vs Silicone Baby, Which One is Better?

When it comes to Reborn dolls many people are not fully educated on what kinds of dolls are there out in the doll market and what are the materials used in their production. There are usually two kinds of dolls out there in the market namely Vinyl dolls and Silicon dolls. Both of them have their pros and Con’s and some people love one type and others tend to love the others.

All the major doll manufacturing companies use either vinyl or silicon to manufacture their dolls and when you go out in the market to buy one or order one online, there are a lot of things that you must know. Both of these kinds of dolls have their specific qualities and you might need to get to know them better before buying any one of them. So here is a comparison between Vinyl Dolls and Silicon Babies.

Vinyl Dolls 

Vinyl dolls are generally referred to as Reborn dolls or Reborn Babies. The weight of these dolls is kept as realistic as possible to make them feel like a real human baby. They are not very squishy and you can only gently press into their body which makes them feel more human-like and their limbs and other joints do not move in unnatural positions. The body structure and density of their limbs and other parts are made such that they closely resemble a real human that has bones and flesh and not a toy and all of this helps give their body a more stable structure. All vinyl dolls have varying levels of body flexibility which depends on their body style and build. All Vinyl dolls have cloth bodies including the full vinyl body dolls however some vinyl dolls such as the ball-jointed vinyl dolls do not have cloth bodies because of the complex movement mechanism involved in their structure. Furthermore, the cloth bodies also have two types:

  • Jointed limbed cloth bodies: These types of dolls allow for more flexibility in the hip and shoulder area and the legs and the arms are allowed to move freely all around the joint axis.
  • Non-jointed cloth bodies: These types of dolls only allow a limited range of motion and do not allow the arm or legs to freely move all around the joint axis. They allow for a more natural range of motion similar to a human child and the doll will be able to move its arms and legs only up to a certain degree.

One major thing that must be kept in mind when deciding whether to buy a vinyl doll or not is that since their body is made up entirely from cloth, therefore, they can never be submerged in any kind of liquid and cannot be washed. The most you can do is just clean them with a damp cloth or sponge just a few times a year to give them a clean look. However, you can shampoo their hair but you have to be careful not to wet their body while doing so because it will ruin the look of the doll. If you take good care of your vinyl doll it can last you anywhere between 15-25 years of life and you can surely make a lot of great and lovable memories with it.

Silicon Babies

As the name suggests, silicon babies are made out of silicon material. These dolls are very squishy, and it is because of the material which they are made out of. You can bend or twist them and push into the material, which is not possible in the case of vinyl babies. You can turn their limbs and arms into unnatural positions. Due to the properties of silicon that it gets hot to touch in a hot environment and cold to touch in a cold environment, the dolls also show those characteristics and depending on your environment they can get hot or cold to the touch. Most of the silicon dolls have no internal solid structures and due to that they cannot retain shape or pose and return to their original shape, however, some of them do come with internal solid structures that help them retain a pose to some extent.

Just like silicone sex dolls, silicon baby dolls that are full-body can be completely submerged in water however those silicon babies which have a cloth body cannot be submerged in water. Silicon babies also tend to catch pigments from other surfaces which can result in degradation of their original look over a longer period if not cared for properly so you need to be aware of that. A silicon baby is generally more expensive when compared to a similar vinyl baby simply because of three main reasons:

  • Silicon is far less plentiful when compared to vinyl sculpts
  • The cost to manufacture a silicon baby is higher because they are more complex to make.
  • Finally, the craftsmanship and the amount of work that has to be put in to make a silicon baby is much more than that required for a vinyl baby.

Finally, when we talk about the lifetime of a silicon baby it is hard to predict it because it varies depending on the grade of silicon used in manufacturing the baby, the manufacturer and the way you handle it. All of these factors collectively determine the lifetime of a silicon baby. But if you buy a good quality silicon baby from a reputed manufacturer and take good care of it then it surely does last a long time. 

Final Verdict

It is hard to say that which type of doll is right for you since both of them have their Pro’s and Con’s but above all, it depends on the personal preference of the person who is going to be buying it and spend the coming years of their life making memories with it. Therefore you must utilize the information that you have learned today in the right way and choose the correct type of doll which suits your personality and which you think will keep you happy for the many years in the future. So choose wisely and have a happy life ahead with your doll of choice.

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